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2021 Breeder Bucks

Our LAP AI bucks for 2021 were:  HH Openwide, Doublespice, Justified, Excell, Jumbo Yukon, Urban Legend son Black 8, and Red 41 and Red 26 Farm bucks.

2020 Breeder Bucks

Here are the bucks, sires we bred to in 2020:  Double Spice, Hardcore Flame, Federal Judge, Urban Legend, Texas Tea Blaze.  We also used a Cardiac Kid Son and Buddy V son to live breed a few does as well as back up from AI.

double spice.JPG
Hardcore Flame at 3.JPG
Federal Judge at 3.JPG
waw blaze at 2.jpg
urban legend pic.JPG

Previous years Breeder Bucks

Doublewide whitetail exchange
buddy V
Major League Buck picture
waw blaze at 2.jpg
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