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WAW Hardcore Kid

Hardcore Flame/White Oak/Cardiac Kid

DNA#: 384103

Semen collection did not take...we do have does out of him and sons out of him available.

Buck Semen

Limited Quality Semen Available, drawn by Great Lakes Sire Service- Guaranteed to put fawns on the ground with one split!  We want to see good results!  Call for pricing. 

KS - GENOTYPE.   He is currently passing this K gene on to 70% of his offspring!
this K gene is one of the most sought after resistant genes to CWD.

Cost is $200/straw.  Price break on 5 or more straws.
texas tea blaze picture

252" @ 2

WAW Texas Blaze @ 1
scored 180"
WAW Texas Blaze @ 2 on 8-5-16
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