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Breeder Buck Major League

Breeder Bucks

We have many different top notch Breeder Bucks to choose from:  Major League, Joey Boy, Texas Tea genetics, Maxbo Solidcore, Doublewide, Sun Dragon, MI Beauty, Wind roller, WAW Texas Blaze, Whoop D  Do and Buddy V.

We are striving for the LOOK of Big, Wide, Heavy and Tall.  Just what a hunter is looking for!

Stocker bucks for sale.

We have semen available currently for:  WAW Texas Blaze 252" @ 2yrs.  Very high quality semen drawn from Great Lakes Sire Services.  KG - GENEOTYPE.  He is currently passing on the K geneotype to 70% of his offspring!

WAW Texas Blaze

Ohio Texas Tea Grandson
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