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Antler Dog Chews

Our deer antler dog chews are all natural and fresh.  We can cut to any length.  Our deer are fully certified to be FREE of CWD, Tuberculosis and Brucellosis.  Our animals are well taken care.  These dog chews are long lasting, organic, won't make a mess.  Great for cleaning teeth.

Chewing is a healthy, normal habit for your dog—gnawing on toys or bones can contribute to oral health, keep your pup out of trouble, and provide a healthy way for him to let off some steam. The best part? He won’t damage your house or make a mess in the process! Chewing also releases positive brain chemicals and reduces feelings of anxiety or frustration, keeping your dog more content. 

Give us a call to place an order and well get them right out to you at 419-561-0787.

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