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Bred Does | Open Does

At Wooded Acres Whitetails our goal is to product quality looking typical deer.  And of course that begins with your does.

Our Fall 2023 breeding season is complete!  We did some LAP AI and some live breeding to two different really nice bucks!


We have does out of:


Gladiator XL, Absolute Value, White Oak, MI Beauty, Cadillac Kid, Lightning, Tater, WAW Texas Blaze, Double Wide, Windroller, Major League, Super Express, Stryker, Cardiac Kid, Patriot, Openwide, Justified, Urban Legend, Excell, Hardcore Flame, Double Spice.

In 2023, we had over 30 fawns born on the farm this Summer.  Our LAP AI season is over and we will have some fawns out of our yearling Justified/Gladiator XL., Double Spice/Crown Maker as well as AI from Justified, Open Wide, Peoples Choice and Slinger.  We also will have several does that were bred to Mr Handsome our piebald buck, so we should have some piebalds for sale as well.

Our does are calm and well taken care.  Our bottle fed does are dog tame!.  We would love for you to come out and visit with us!

Call for pricing on Does, Bred Does, Open Does, we do offer packages as well.

We have bred does for sale this Fall 2023.

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