Welcome to Wooded Acres Whitetails located in Nevada, Ohio. 
We are a family owned and operated deer farm located in Crawford county, an Ohio deer farm.  Our adventure raising whitetail deer began in 2012, a friend asked me if I had ever thought about deer farming.  I've always enjoyed watching whitetail deer.  Our deer farm is a family business, all of our children are involved daily, we love our deer (many are named), and raising them from fawns, picking out their breeder genetics, and watching their antlers grow has really been enjoyable for us. Visitors always welcome!  
We look forward working with you setting up your farm.  With our experience over the years we have established a TURNKEY operation that will help ensure your success as a new deer farmer by providing feed, nutrition advice, fawn protocols, breeding ideas, semen, as well as selling your shooters/stockers through our connections.  Your not just a customer, your and extension of our family!  Give us a call.
We have shooter bucks, breeder bucks, does, does fawns and buck fawns available as well as semen, with solid 200" + genetics with a focus on raising wide, tall and heavy typical deer by the age of 2 years old.   They are prime and ready for the shooter market.  They are the kind of deer the hunting preserves want for their hunters.
Jody, Melissa, Judson, Jansen, Jadon and Alisia Gregory.
Call:  419-561-0787
Association memberships:
WDFO - Whitetail Deer Farmers of Ohio
TDA - Texas Deer Association
NADeFA - North American Deer Farmers Association
WOW- Whitetails of Wisconsin
North Amercia Deer Farmers Association
Whitetail Deer Farmers of Ohio


Texas Deer Association

Ohio Deer Farm


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Phone:  419-561-0787

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