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Farm Tours

We are super excited to be opening for our 2nd season of Summer tours.   It is with great pleasure that we get to share some of our enjoyment working with whitetail deer with our community.  Our deer are fully licensed and certified with the state of Ohio.  Our tours will begin June 17th until and will run until August 20th.  We are offering these tours by appointment.  You can click the booking button below to setup your appointment. 

What comes with the tours?  We bottle feed the newborn baby doe there is a chance you can do that, but they are on a set feeding schedule, petting deer, learning about the history of our farm and about the life cycle of a whitetail deer, "NEW" for 2022 we have added Red Deer...Mr & Mrs Red (part of the full farm tour) and a guided tour of the farm on a side by side.  We have a gift shop that's available after your tour with refreshments, apparel, maple syrup, tumblers, antler dog chews and other items.  The tours are one hour long.



The cost is $50.00 per group.  The cost is per Group of up to 5 guests.  One appointment = One group (whether that is 1 person or 5 persons). We need to keep the groups smaller for the sake of the deer (they are better with smaller groups).  If you have more than 5 people you can book two time slots.  We are open Monday- Saturday.

Tours are only available through 8/20/22.

click this button to book your tour now!

For 2023 we are working on setting up Virtual Tours!  Stay tuned.

deer farm tours
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Click this link for our article in the Crawford County Now site about our deer farm tours.

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Crawford County Now
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